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Porsche Remodel

Keep your foreign or domestic vehicle looking fresh with a new interior look.

Porsche Original Interior

Porsche Original Condition

Original interior

Porsche New Interior

Every detail is captured and accounted for.

Porsche Steering and Dash

Bring the beauty and a fresh new look to your foreign or domestic vehicle.

Porche Door

New interior door with matching design to the original fringe and pocket.

Original Seat

We can repair your seat even if it doesn't come out!

New Seat

Restored to perfection!

Interior restoration

We specializes in classic automobiles.

Interior Re-Upholstry

New leather seat coverings.

Restored Door

Every piece fabricated to fit the smallest details on your vehicle.

Original Seats

Do you like your original design? We can help you keep it while providing you a fresh new look.

Seat Replacement

Replace your old seat covers with new ones and keep every stitch in it's place.

Console, Shifter, and Brake cover

Freshen up your seats and your console with a new look.


New leather to match the original color and preserve the classic look and feel.

Restoration Seats

Every rib in the seat is carefully stitched to perfect width and length.

Older the Better

Love your oldies throwback, so do we! We will help you keep that classic look.

Interior Restore

Carpet, seats, doors, and dashboard all covered, sealed, and guaranteed to be a work of art when finished.

Details are in the Door

Every detail matters.

Backseat re-upholstry

Roof Replacement

Is your roof sagging? We can fix that! Bring your vehicle in for a quote today!

Captain's Chair

Don't let wear and tear bring you down, feel like the captain of your vehicle again!

Seat Re-Upholtstry


Convertible Tops, Seats, and More

Is the sun fading your top? Replace it with a brand new tonneau cover or even get a facelift with a new color.

Convertible Restore

Interior floors, seating, and convertible top re-upholstered

Convertible Back Seats

Specialty stitching, new seats, same car with a great new look.




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